The team of the Yongtai fire fighting basketball team has been set up

              Company news
              2017/09/25 16:23

              After screening, our company selected 12 basketball elites, divided into four groups according to the level of the players, each group has the equivalent strength. By drawing lots, each group selected A, B, C three people, composed of A, B, C three teams, four people of each team, and then selected A, B, C three female colleagues to the corresponding team as logistics personnel. In addition, three foreign aid coaches were invited to join the team. The company holds at least two competitions a year, giving awards to each match in the form of awards or prizes. Through this form of activity, the company enriches the amateur life of the staff, strengthens the staff's awareness of physical exercise and teamwork, manifests the corporate concept of common prosperity and common happiness, and embodies the spirit of team cohesion and mutual communication.

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