Suspension Type Heptafluoropropane Gas Fire Extinguishing Device

              basic information
              Brief Introduction
                  The suspended heptapropane fire extinguishing device manufactured by our company is composed of a fire extinguishing agent storage container, a starting and releasing assembly, a suspended bracket, etc.Hanging type installation can automatically start the fire extinguishing device for releasing gas extinguishing agent. The product series is perfect, the appearance is beautiful, the well has flexible and convenient installation and work. Accurate and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.
              Application Site
                  The main sites and equipment usually used for protection are computer room, communication room, transformer, testing center, transformer and distribution room, dense instrument room,Physical and chemical laboratories, electrical aging rooms, oil depots and places with inflammable and combustible oils and storage jumps, chemical combustible goods depots, library and other places.
              Main Technical Parameters

              Product model and specification

              XQQW(Tank capacity of extinguisher)/1.6-YT

              Tank capacity of extinguisher(L)




              Extinguishing agent storage pressure

              1.6 MPa(20℃)

              Maximum working pressure

              2.5 MPa(50℃)

              Fire extinguishing agent filling density

              ≤ 1kg/L

              Work starting power

              Starting temperature:68℃

              Fire extinguishing technology

              Total flooding

              Injection time of fire extinguishing agent

              ≤ 10 S

              Startup mode

              Start of temperature sensitive glass ball

              Driving gas


              Ambient temperature



              On a
              IG-541Mixed Gas Fire Extinguishing System