Suspension Type Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Device (Stored-pressure type) FZXA10/1.2-YT

              basic information
              1 Overview 
              The ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing device is composed of an extinguishing agent storage container, ultra dry powder fire extinguishing agent, a starter module, a pressure display device, a nozzle, and the like. Regular startup methods include:
              Temperature Control: When the ambient temperature rises to the set nominal value, the valve on the fire extinguishing device will automatically open, releasing the ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent. Thermal Initiation: In a specific environment, when a fire extinguishing device needs to be started quickly, the fire signal is rapidly transmitted to the fire extinguishing device through the heat-sensitive wire to start the discharge of the superfine dry powder fire extinguishing agent. The heat initiation can be either a single start or multiple linkage start.
              Electronic Control: It can be linked with the fire alarm controller to receive the fire alarm controller’s command and release the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent.
              2. Product Application Scope:
              1. Extinguishing Charged Equipment Fires: Charged equipment fires in occasions such as equipment rooms, substations, cable tunnels, cable trenches, generator rooms, high and low voltage power distribution rooms, urban integrated underground galleries, electric vehicle charging piles and other places.
              2. Extinguishing Solid Fires: Combustible solid fires from cotton, wood, hemp, paper, rubber, plastic, tobacco, etc. For example: wood processing and production workshops and warehouses, furniture showrooms and warehouses, clothing and hats production workshops and warehouses, various types of archives rooms, data rooms, printing, paper, tobacco production and storage rooms, and so on.
              3. Extinguishing Liquid Fires: Fires from crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, gasoline, petrol station diesel fuel dispensers, organic solvents and other flammable liquids, and solubilized solids. For example: Diesel generator rooms, paint spraying workshops, oil-fired boilers, flammable liquid storage warehouses, plastis, paraffin, and so on.
              4. Extinguishing Combustible Gas Fires: Combustible gas fires from gas, natural gas, acetylene, etc. that can shut off the gas supply before extinguishing the fire.
              3, dry powder fire extinguishing device does not apply to the fire of the following substances:
              1. Nitrocellulose, explosives and other oxygen-free chemicals that are still rapidly oxidizing;
              2. Strong oxidants;
              3. Potassium, sodium, magnesium, titanium, zirconium and other active metals and their hydrides;
              1. Execution standard: GA602-2013
              2. Fire extinguishing device model specification: FZX-ACT / 1.2-ARS
              3. Extinguishing agent filling volume: kg, deviation: 0%-5%
              4. Fire extinguishing performance: 120g/m3
              5. Operating temperature range: -10 °C - +50 °C
              6. Detection and activation of the components of the action temperature: 68 °C
              7. Extinguishing time (full submergence): Class A fire: ≤ 60S; Class B fire: ≤ 30S; Class C fire: ≤ 10S
              8. Local application of fire extinguishing performance: ≤ 10S
              9. Product validity: 5 years
              10. Nominal pressure: 1.2MPa
              11. Installation requirements: The average distribution is installed directly above the protected area
              12. Fire extinguishing agent type: ABC ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent
              13. Electric initiator starting current: DC24V, 0.5-1.5A
              14. Number of electric initiators: 1 pc/set; (Note: There is no electric initiator when the product is shipped from the factory, and whether or not the electric initiator is installed depends on the purchase contract)
              4, matters needing attention
              1. During the storage, transportation and installation of the fire extinguishing device, collisions are strictly prohibited. Do not use external force on the spray head or glass ball, and do not loosen any parts on the fire extinguishing device.
              2. Check that the pressure indicator pointer is in the green area before installation.
              3. The rings or brackets should be securely mounted to prevent the fire extinguishing device from shaking during ejection.
              4. The fire extinguishing device should not be installed near heat sources, rain and vibration.
              5. Extinguishing devices shall be provided in the installation area of ??the fire extinguishing device. When the extinguishing agent is released, the personnel shall immediately evacuate the site, and the waste gas shall be discharged before entering the site for cleaning.
              6. The maintenance and refilling of the fire extinguishing device shall be carried out by a professional manufacturer authorized by the public security fire control department. Or contact your local dealer or manufacturer.
              7. Please read the product manual carefully before and after installation.
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